rodon mix

part 1
Giardini di miro - one again a font farewell (apparat mix)
Milosh - Falling away
Agf - Cala book
Grizly bear - Central and remote
My brightest diamont - Dragonfly
Nick Cave - Im your man
Barbara Morgestern - Polar

part 2
Palindrome - Well aware of
James Figurine - Pretend its a race and im on y
Lily Allen - Oh my God
Bearback - Intergalactic panic
Thom Yorke - Drunkk machine
Proffesor Murder - Champion


Dragonfly - Το αγαπημένο μου τραγούδι από τον καθηλωτικό δίσκο των My brightest diamond.
aggelosk said…
prepei na tsekareis to drunkk machine
gusgsus said…
Πολύ μου άρεσαν και τα 2.
Well done!