Thursday, October 12, 2006

ξεχασμενο δ(γ)ιαμαντι

"Isn't it marvelous that we have been given the gift of seeing and hearing?
Of course, seeing gives us a wonderful picture of the world around us, but I
wonder how many of you think about hearing as giving us wonderful soundpictures...
For, sounds are really tone colours that give us a picture of what we hear.
We have all enjoyed show-and-tell at school. But, how many of you have
played the exciting game of hear-and-tell ?
We will now hear sounds. Can you tell us what they are? And, who or what, is
making them?
Lets try... First, close your eyes, and when you hear each sound, try to
guess what it is... Either say what it is, or, if you are alone, just think
about it...

Island breezes, and your travel-shop teases,
And all you want is a raise, yeah,
For all of the sunshine,
Better make you be mine,
Forever and no more,
All you do is play guitar and the melody for me, melody, melodies...

You're .. My .. Life.

And you don't even boast of your extra-fine life or your flash ship (Plastic? SR) upholstery,
All I can recollect - 'You better wear your best white dress'

Your ..
Whole .. Life ..."


rapunzel (demo version)


Sadie said...

To latreyw ayto to tragoudi, xronia twra!!! <3

Winter Academy said...

οου εξοχο!
υγ:δγιαμάντι οπως λεμε μουχεις βάλει βοντγιά?