Angelmark – Fleeting momments…lost
Death Cab for Cutie – All is full of love
Isan – rendezvous potrero hill
Laurie Anderson – The death of Livestock
Black Heart Procession – After the ladder
Grizzly Bear – Don’t ask (alpha remix)
Tiger Lilies – Hailstones
Metallic Falcon – Nightime and morning
Morrissey – November the second
Small Hours Society – Red lights/shall we go
Bettys Bath – The goodbye girl
Pernice Brothers – Automaton
Tom Waits – Lie to me
Adem – X for kisses


kolk said…
τρομερό το mix!
απτα καλύτερα που έχεις κάνει!!
Zpi said…
Greetings. Pws eiste Mr Angel?
ki emena mou arese to setaki
Zpi said…
μου τη δίνουν τα greeklish
σορυ ξεχάστηκα