talitres is 5

Μια υπέροχη συλλογή κυκλοφόρησε η γαλλική εταιρεία talitres records....

CD1: THE WEDDING PRESENT, American Tan - CALLA, Astral (Acoustic Version) - THE ORGAN, Let The Bells Ring - TEX LA HOMA, Nowhere To Run - THAT SUMMER, Simon Nardis - THE WALKMEN, Clementine - DAKOTA SUITE, The Darkness Of Moon (Alternative Version) - PIANO MAGIC, I Have Moved Into The Shadow - THE BIRDWATCHER, We Can't Live This Way Anymore - EARLY DAY MINERS, How To Fall - ELK CITY - THE WEDDING PRESENT, Shivers. CD2: PELA, Episode (Diphenhydramine) - CARLOSOUND, My New Kind Of Beauty - FILM SCHOOL, Longest Way - HOOD, When We Wait All The Tables - MARISSA NADLER, Your Dreary Days Are Dead - THE WEEDS OF EDEN, Undone - HOT GOSSIP, Real Mess - CARUSO, Instrumental One - iLiKETRAiNS, A Rook House For Bobby.


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