God is Astronaut – a moment of stillness

Animal collective – people

Lovejoy – England made me

Amandine – Waiting for a light to find us

Piano Magic – Incurable

Voxtrot – Your biggest fan

Twilight Singers – A stitch in time

The most serene republic – Phages

Casiotone for a painfully alone – Bobby malone moves home

Twilight Sad - St

Tarantula ad – Atlantic

The Books - Music For A French Elevator and Other Short Format Oddities


seagazing said…
βαλε και του absent witout leave!
oksikemia said…
aggelosk said…
min viazesai...ayta einai ta kalytera ep tou 2006...ta ellinika soon
seagazing said…
των mum δε σου αρεσε;
καλο ηταν και αυτο...