No03 Ceremony - Rocket Fire

 Ceremony, σαν μπάντα, στο “Rocket Fire” διατρέχουν ένα σημαντικό κομμάτι της rock n roll ιστορίας κάνοντας στάσεις σε θεσπέσιους θησαυρούς κιθαριστικών ήχων.

No04 GonjaSufi - A Sufi and a Killer 
No05 Liars - Sisterworld
No06 Midlake - The Courage of Others
No07 Crocodiles - Sleep Forever
No08 Black Keys - Brothers
No09 Radio Dept - Clinging To A Scheme
No10 Brian Jonestown Massacre - Who Killed Sgt Pepper
No11 Dan Sartain - lives
No12 Broken Bells - High Road
No13 Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma

No14 James Blackshaw - All Is Falling

No 15 No Age - Everything In Between
N0 16. Soundcarriers - Celeste
No 17. Pvt - Church With No Magic 
No 18. Swans - My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky
No 19 Tame Impala - Innerspeaker
No 20 Nice Face - Immer Etwas